SZR SERIES - Laboratory Stereozoom Microscopes

The SZR stereomicroscope series is specifically designed for research workers. Its functional features and its optical and mechanical qualities make it a reference point in the scientific research instruments market.

It is composed by 14 models designed with different technical solutions to meet the specific applications. The binocular and trinocular heads provided with zoom optics represent the heart of the SZR series. These are backed by numerous types of bases and stands suitable for any type of use. A wide range of accessories considerably increases the potential of these instruments.

Bino or trinocular, 360º rotating and 45º inclinated.
Interpupillary distance
Adjustable between 52 and 75 mm.
Dioptric compensation
On both eyepiece tubes.
EWF10x/22mm, high-point type for glasses.
Working distance
110 mm
Parfocal achromatic zoom 0,67x...4,5x with continuously variable magnification (max. 45x in the standard configuration, can be increased to 180x by using additional accessories).
Specimen stage
Except overhanging models, the instruments are fitted with a black/white disc for contrast and specimen clamps.
Models with transmitted illumination also fitted with frosted glass disc.
By means of rack and pinion system, controlled by a pair of knobs.
12V/15W halogen bulbs with light intensity adjustments. SZR-9 and 10 models are the only ones with incorporated system. All others models with illumination have a system by external power supply unit.
The series have 5 kinds of stands for every requirement.
Simple for vision without transmitted illumination; simple + trans-illuminator base for incident and transmitted illumination; with incorporated illumination system in the base; the last ones with overhanging stands (simple or hinged), that allow very large objects to be viewed and to be handled or worked.
Photo/video applications
For microphotography with SLR 35mm type or digital type cameras, a model fitted with a trinocular head and the following optional accessories are required for taking pictures:
- SLR 35mm cameras: SZ-PH (photo tube, adapter for T/2 ring and 4x photo eyepiece). Purchase of the T/2 ring suitable to the type of SLR camera used is also indispensable.
- DIGI digital camera set: SZ-PHD tube adapter. The optical adapter is included in DIGI set. For video microscopy, a model fitted with a trinocular head and the following optional accessories are required for shooting with a CCD video camera: SZ-CTV CCD camera adapter and VC03 high-resolution CCD colour video camera. VC03 is supplied complete with built-in transformer, monitor connection cable, SCART adapter for TV connection and instruction manual.

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